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About White Cool

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Refrigerator Repair Brands

In Europe all (re)installed refrigeration must now comply with the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), for that we can assist you or your installing company to get the new refrigerant system to be a CE-PED certified refrigeration system.

GEA Grasso

Leading global Group in Industrial Refrigeration.


The leading manufacturers of compressors.

WTK s.r.l.

shell and tubes condensers vouch.

Danfoss Group

Convenient home comfort and energy savings.


Semi - Hermetic Compressor.


Modern technologies, products and services.

The White Cool team

here we can work with a number of installation companies who can provide the complete instalment and start-up of the system.

Refrigeration Equipment

Together with our partners, we are responsible for the correct delivery of the installed refrigeration system.

Purchase Of Equipment

White Cool is constantly looking for refrigeration equipment, so when you replace a refrigerant system.

White Cool International is a young and dynamic company which is working in the field of refrigeration equipment for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications.


SALES OF (EQUIPMENT/PROJECTS) The core business of White Cool is trading(buying and selling) of food processing machine refrigeration equipment,
but we also offer complete refrigeration projects.


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